Understanding Whey and Casein Protein

Protein has several different functions as related to muscles which include building, growth and repair. Increase in muscle mass assists in fat burning, weight loss and diabetes control.

Whey protein is the byproduct of cheese production and is the highest quality type protein available.  Whey also aids in the increased level of concentration, and attention as well as promotes a healthy immune system.  The proper consumption of whey can reduce blood sugar levels, lower food cravings, increase energy and help with weight loss which is a key component in the management of diabetes. 

Casein protein assists in muscle maintenance.  Muscle breakdown occurs on a regular basis which results in decreased strength and increased fat storage, weight gain and struggles with diabetes.  Casein protein is slowly released as amino acids into the blood stream for up to seven hours, until completely digested and assists in the decrease of muscle breakdown and soreness following exercise. 

Using protein supplements following exercise can assist with the replacement of protein loss and better management of muscle growth and repair. 

Food consumption of protein generally focuses on lean meat, poultry or fish and as related to diabetes and weight loss can be instrumental in the management of carbohydrate breakdown and fat storage.

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lean chicken on a stick

Lean Chicken on a Stick